“ Good meaningful architecture emerges at the meeting point when art becomes science and science becomes art ”
Professional Work


Punjab Energy Development Agency ( PEDA ) office.

The challange : To achieve ecologically responsive architecture for a project within the context of Chandigarh and composite climate

Located at Chandigarh, on a flat practically square site with no major topographical variations. Chandigarh as a city lies on the planes at the foot of ‘Lower Himalayas’, in a ‘Composite climate context’.

Equally important, for Chandigarh is the context in space and time. Chandigarh, a bold experiment in city planning and architecture, was based on the professed ethos of design: ‘build with climate’.

A holistic office design has been developed wherein the floor plates float in a large volume of air, wherein the building envelope interacts with the ambience rather than the conventional stacking of floor plates one on top of the other.

Building configuration has been generated in response to solar geometry, a unique built form thus generated in response to summer and winter requirements. Building form follows solar geometry, it does not follow any pre-conceived notion of design.

Innovative design:

•Three dimensional configuration of the building evolved in response to solar geometry.

•Elements of building i.e. building envelope, plan form etc. evolved in response to solar geometry.

•Renewable energy systems i.e PV integrated in the roof as an element of design.

Project awarded ‘5 star project’ by Bureau of Energy Efficiency Govt. of India with EPI of 14.1 kwh/sq.m/year. The most energy efficient building in the country.

Brief write up:


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