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BOOK: Climate Responsive Architecture – Chinese language translation

Climate Responsive Architecture – Chinese language translation

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (Asia) Co. and China Architecture & Building Press. 2004/2005

Editors & Authors: Arvind Krishan, Nick Baker, Simos Yannas, S.V. Szokolay

Climate Responsive Architecture

A Design Handbook for Energy Efficient Buildings

This book envisages to re-create the process by which buildings and entire habitats can be designed to respond to nature with climate as the basic parameter of design—without sacrificing a holistic approach to design.

With the imminent threat of exhausting natural resources, architecture must respond to the ecological context and become a means of regenerating natural resources. ‘Climate Response Architecture’ is therefore a prime issue of architecture. Since most of the literature in this area is presented in a manner that it appears physics-oriented, it becomes difficult for architects to apply the principles to practice.

 Climate Responsive Architecture has been written with a view to make:

  • Climate parameters the basic paradigm of design
  • Related data and principles easily comprehensible

While Part One of the book discusses the methodology of design, design tools, developments in energy efficient architecture, and materials and is suitably aided by case studies and actual projects, Part Two contains climatic and environmental data for six climate zones of the country based on solar radiation, air humidity, air temperature, wind, and precipitation. Additionally, the book includes a companion CD which includes eco-charts, comfort charts, and temperature and radiation data for various locations.

The outcome of serious research over the years with contributions from internationally acclaimed architects and building scientists, this handbook will appeal to students of architecture, practicing architects, green technologists, environmentalists, and anybody involved in climate responsive architecture including NGOs and government bodies.

Arvind Krishan is Former Dean, Head Department of Architecture School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, India. A leading architect in the field of ‘Green Building’, Climate Responsive Architecture.

Nick Baker is Joint Director, Martin Centre for Urban Studies, Cambridge University, UK.

Simos Yannas is Director, Environmental & Energy Studies Program, Architectural Association, Graduate School, London, UK.

S.V. Szokolay is former Professor with the University of Queensland, Australia.



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