“ Good meaningful architecture emerges at the meeting point when art becomes science and science becomes art ”
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ECO-URBANITY: Towards a well-mannered built environment

Editor: Darko Radovic

Publisher: ROUTLEDGE, London and New York, 2009

Contributed: Chapter; Eco-city ? Eco-urbanity ? by Arvind Krishan

Synopsis: ‘ Built environments, thus, accurately record human achievements. Those records point at broader social issues and problems. In the context of the topic of this book ( ECO-URBANITY ) which is urban sustainability, we can simply say that if our actions are based on values that respect the environment, then our cities will be sustainable: if our guiding social values are not sustainable, then our cities become unsustainable, too.

We live in a increasingly globalized world in which the continuation of dominant power structures relies on practices that are extremely damaging to both natural and social aspects of environment. As the consequence, he quality of life in cities is deteriorating. Cities are the nodes of densification and intensity and intensity of human activities and their impact reaches far beyond their physical limits. A radically unsustainable society inscribes deep wounds into the urban fabric; wounds that are difficult to heal and that creates scars that are impossible to hide. ‘

This book is a collaborative effort between researchers and professional from across the globe, to deal with the issue of the book from various stand points.

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