“ Good meaningful architecture emerges at the meeting point when art becomes science and science becomes art ”
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BOOK: Ecohouse – A design guide

Ecohouse – A design guide
Authors: Susan Roaf, Manuel Ferentes, Stephanie Thomas

Publisher: Architectural Press, Oxford, Auckland etc.

Contributed a project: Bidani House, Faridabad, India. Designed by Arvind Krishan. 

Synopsis: ‘ The first question to answer should be: what is ecohouse ? Eco-architecture sees buildings as part of a living habitat. This contrasts with the more common notions of many architects, who see a building as ‘frozen music’ in the people-less pictures of glossy magazines. Some architects see the process of design as a production line with the building as a product line with the building as a product to be deposited on site, regardless of its particular environment or qualities. You will see from the case studies at the end of the book that ecohouses are closely connected to their site, society, climate, region and the planet.’


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