“ Good meaningful architecture emerges at the meeting point when art becomes science and science becomes art ”
Professional Work

PROJECT: HILL COUNCIL & CIVIC COMPLEX, LEH – High altitude extreme cold-dry region

The challenge is: How do we build ecologically sound architecture in  high altitude extreme cold-dry ecological context ?: 

Located at 3514 M above M.S.L. in cold-dry climate with a sever long winter: October to March end ( Min. DBT – 30 ° C ). A major Civic Structure designed and built as architectural design solution for this ecological context.

Sustainable solution for this project evolved on basis of  following parameters.

  • Architectural design a synthesis of building configuration in response to solar geometry, day-light, building envelope design and culture through embodiment of the traditional construction practices.  Sustainability embodies tradition.
  • Building configuration developed in response to solar geometry maximizing solar access for day light and heat in this cold climate.
  • Project built of local stone, compressed mud blocks stabilised with 5% cement.
  • Windows built as per ‘Shinshek’ traditional design, celebrating traditional art and craft.



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