“ Good meaningful architecture emerges at the meeting point when art becomes science and science becomes art ”
Professional Work


The challenge: Can we evolve a new language of ecological architecture for an innovative institute.?:

Author was invited to participate in a limited competition for the above project. An innovative architectural design evolving a language of ecological architecture presented by the author was selected by the jury for implementation of the project.

Phase-I of the project has been built. Photographs will be uploaded soon.

Strategies for Planning and Design:

  • Control of micro-climate of the site by generating a water-body drawn of the canal and by forestation of the site.
  • Entire complex and each building designed as a climate responsive – solar passive building.
  • Architectural design: the primary generator / tool for developing a low energy building design.
  • Maximize environmental control through naturally conditioned laboratories and spaces.
  • Maximize use of day light to minimize electricity consumption in day time.
  • Couple evaporative cooling from water-body with building design.

Ecological Architectural Design of R&D Wings: 

  • R & D wing has therefore been designed to couple the naturally conditioned laboratories and spaces to the water-body through Wind towers coupled with earth-tunnels to the laboratory and building spaces.
  • Domical light vault designed for adequate day-light distribution integrated with Solar chimney on domical vault coupled to wind towers.

Water Management:

  • Equally critical natural resource that is facing acute scarcity is availability of water. For this project spread over 75 acres of land on a highway with no municipal services or facilities. A complete scheme of water management is planned / designed as illustrated above. This includes direct aquifer recharge, building run-off collection into the lake, re-cycled water from Root Zone system of sewage treatment and surface run-off seepage through ponding.
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