“ Good meaningful architecture emerges at the meeting point when art becomes science and science becomes art ”
Professional Work

International Collaboration 2002 – 2005: London Metropolitan University, University of Athens

Collaborative Research Project Team:

Prof. Fergus Nicol,  London Metropoliton University, London

Prof.  Matheos Santamouris, University of Athens, Athens

Prof. Arvind Krishan, School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi

Prof. Ashok Lall, TVB School of Architecture, New Delhi


Comfortable Low Energy ARchitecture

CLEAR (Comfort and Low Energy Architecture) is a website to help you to design good buildings which use little energy but at the same time are comfortable.

The main uses of energy buildings are to heat/cool or to provide light. The site is divided into sections on the thermal environment (thermal comfort) and the visual environment (visual comfort) which address these basic topics.Throughout the relationship between the building and its occupants is seen as dynamic being conducted within the climatic context. CLEAR attempts to provide the tools to enable a building designer to make their building ‘comfortable and Low Energy’.

Web Link: Link to CLEAR Software and Download

Project support: European Union Research Grant




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